The Gregarious LIfe

The Gregarious LIfe

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Old Disney Movies

A couple days ago, I found a VHS copy of Pollyanna while at our local thrift store.  Score!


Really? you ask.  Really!!  I absolutely love old live action Disney movies from the 50's/60's/70's!  No, I didn't grow up with Hayley Mills- I'm a product of 1987- oh but don't I wish!  Just the same, I grew up watching the old Disney movies- the original Parent Trap, Swiss Family Robinson, The Absent Minded Professor, That Darn Cat!, The Love Bug, The Million Dollar Duck, No Deposit No Return, The Apple Dumpling Gang, Escape to Witch Mountain, etc. 

Does anyone else remember these movies?  Oh what fond memories I have of family movie nights spent on the family room floor, a chocolate malt in one hand, and a homemade dough pretzel in the other!  So, between the $1 price tag, and the overwhelming nostalgia, I just couldn't pass up dear Pollyanna! 

I sat down yesterday and watched Pollyanna during nap time, and it didn't disappoint!!  So sweet, so uplifting, just the kind of movie I want my little one to watch when she's old enough to enjoy movies.  A really beautiful message about the power of positive thinking and how a little bit of sunshine can benefit others. 

And, now I'm on the lookout for more classic live action Disney movies.  How much I'd love to watch more of these classic movies once again!

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